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You Are On A Journey:

Are you are a Traveller, a Woofer, an Adventure Seeker?

Looking for the next chapter on your journey?

The next rewarding experience?

Your Priorities:

You won’t get trapped…in a town, a suit or a job.

You prefer a team of travelers on a Farm [anywhere] to the City.

You measure your own value, by the contribution you make.  

You can sleep in a camper, a tent, a yurt, or under the trees.

You’re not fearless…you’re smart.

Your cell phone is smart.

Your family isn’t quite sure what you’re up to…but they appreciate that your phone skypes.

You don’t sweat the small stuff…’cause you’ve learned…it’s nearly all small

You may come alone, or have a family. You walked, drove and maybe hitched.

You have stories to share of your own, and the community that awaits you, anticipates them.

You appreciate good music, prefer local food and laugh easily.

All the other important stuff, is in your backpack.

You value the tradition of a family farm, like to see the sunrise and set, measure time by the season, not the cycle of paydays, or day of the week.

What We Believe:

Foodism is a Mentality and an overarching theme of the farm. Supporting our farmers, growers, harvesters, chefs, winemakers, food artisans and neighbours who work with passion in the fields kitchens or dining rooms throughout our region, and beyond.

We Value Experiences for our customers, guests & employees.

That Growing Social Capital means we invest in our Community, Region, Family & Employees.

In continuing to learn, Ourselves through travel, work, network, with farms across the world. Our friends, who live by the tenets we set for ourselves, are irreplaceable to us.

Every year, we seek people, who are seekers, to work & play with us.

If this is you, tell us your story, below.

Not quite right for you? Perhaps you know someone it would be perfect for.

Please spread the word, and thank you in advance.

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