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I must first admit that I’m not a hardcore country music fan. While I appreciate some of the greats of traditional country like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Hank Williams and Willie Nelson, I barely listen to any of it. But the first time I saw Matt Masters perform at the Railway Club in Vancouver – I was a fan.


Matt simply knows how to gently work a room until he has the audience joining him in a sing a long. He entertains you with his wit and humour, educates you about great western history stories and then shocks everyone when they hear his warm, deep crooning voice.

Matt is also a music fan and I think that is why we’ve known each other as long as we have. He is a big champion of Canadian music and is always supporting and promoting other acts.


I spoke to Matt recently, who lives in Calgary with his wife and child. It’s been a tough go lately with the floods but he’s looking forward to hitting the Big Blue Stage!

“In the past month I spent two weeks as a flood evacuee, another week cleaning my dad’s and my friend’s houses in Calgary and High River, then dove into 14 straight days of playing cowboy songs 6 hours a day at the Stampede. I’m really looking forward to coming out the orchard to play some beautiful music by the lake in a peaceful setting and sharing some stories about life as a 21st Century Country and Western troubadour.”

Matt Masters performs live in Oyama on the Big Blue Stage.
Sunday July 21st/2013
Matt Masters Concert


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