Kick Out The Jams!

What a night! Yesterday, the first day of Gatzke Orchard’s WOODSTOCK REVIVAL in OYAMA kicked off the weekend and it was waaay groovy, man! We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny Okanagan day and the vibe was right on. Nothing but friendly smiling faces, dancing feet, great music and a ton of laughs.

The Hippie Camp was sold out and the campsite had a great group of guests in the spirit of ’69. Guests loved taking walks through the orchard and seeing all the fruit ripening.


We are thankful to have a diverse group of vendors this year who were very busy on our first day including: Peaceful Products, Perch Travelling Boutique, Shelagh McGinn’s Henna Tattoos and Jewellery plus Tie Dye store and our psychic Vanya!

The Gatzke Orchard setting was ideal for Angela Roy who led an energetic and spirited drum circle with a great group of beat lovers. Power to the people! Angela then performed with her band Barefoot Caravan who were simply the perfect band to set the vibe on our first day. You must check them out this summer.

Groovy Gaia our wood burning fire oven was busy cooking up creative gourmet pizzas and hearty pulled pork sandwiches late into the evening.

So now with the sun shining on Oyama, a new group of ‘Woodstockers’ begin to pick up their tickets. Soon you’ll be hearing the roar of music over the lakes as the  concert begins! You gotta be here!


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