Wedding FAQ/Policy Details

What time is the venue available to us?

Full Venue Rental: access to the all event areas from 8 AM – Midnight

Ceremony Only Venue Rental: 3 hrs access relative to your Ceremony Time.

If you require Venue access outside of these hours, additional charges may apply. Overtime charges of $50 for each ½ hour after Midnight the Venue is occupied will be added to the balance payment if necessary.

* See GO Wdg Pkg for items included in Full or Ceremony Only Venue Rental

Why is there a ‘per person’ charge?

GO has a per head charge that represents a number of assets that vary in quantity related to the number of guests you have at the reception part of the wedding. As these are variable costs it is difficult to set a fixed rate and be fair to those with different requirements.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

The Bowery celebration area is covered and can fit up to 150 seated guests. We offer the possibility of setting side walls for the event, and also a covering for The Bowery Grassy Area. Requests are required 3 days prior to your event. Consult Event Concierge for pricing.

What are Incidentals?

Definition: Products or Services which are consumed or requested during the course of your event and which were not previously selected AND for which quantity totals were required at the end of your event, as per GO Policy.

Products: Final Volume of Ice, Number of Pizzas Made, Corkage, Bowery Side Wall Installation, Bowery Lawn Canopy Roofing

Services: Bartender & Chef Hours, Corkage per bottle, Day of Service Hours, Extended Hours: Staff

Other: Venue Extended Hours: 30 min @$75, Bridal Party items left on site beyond 11a the morning following your event [includes liquor], Contravention of garbage/recycling policy.

Breakage/Damage: candle wax, burns, stains to our linens, glassware, chairs or other damage to Gatzke assets or property.

Damage to GO Venue.

Note: This list is ‘may include but not limited to’ and subject to change at the full discretion of Gatzke Orchards.

Can we use items rented from GO in more than one location?

Absolutely! You may move any of the rental (except A/V equipment) items you have secured, around the property to be used as you wish. If you have pre-selected during the quoting process, and the concierge is able to accommodate the move, it has been included. GO Staff can be made available for relocation of assets the Bridal party requests. Staff hours, should they be required, will be tabulated at the end of your celebration, and become part of your final invoice.

Note: Relocation of Outside Vendor Decor Items is part of the Decor Set-up Team responsibilities. If this/these relocations, along with other tasks, exceed 3 hours, Day of Service Staff kick in. * See definitions for these roles further along in this document.

How’s the WIFI?

GO has a wifi broadcast system that is available for your use, with a password available from the Event Concierge. The Farm is a big place, and we do not guarantee that wifi will be available in every single spot, but we will be happy to direct you to where reception is generally the strongest. No tech support for individual devices is available from GO Staff.

When Can We Decorate?

Drop off of Decor items is arranged for the morning of your event.

Please limit your storage of items, or base for your decorating frenzy, to the long bench, inside the Bowery, closest to the Fruit Stand.

It is hectic the morning of the wedding, and moving tables, chairs, sound systems & wine glasses amongst people who are backing up to see if something is level, is a bad recipe [we don’t do bad recipes around here!]

We trust you can appreciate the logistics, and thank you in advance.


Drop Off the Day Before: If you are in a Cabin for evening before and  Wedding Night [included in your Full Venue Rental], you may choose to store your decorations inside.

Alternative Solution: If you have rented from an outside vendor, or if you have a secure trailer, this may be parked on the property. Please communicate with the agency and put them in contact with the Event Coordinator to drop off items or trailer.

Co-ordination of either of these options is critical to arrange with the Event Concierge. Clients must outline their Décor plans to the Event Concierge 3 weeks prior to your Event. You are welcome to bring in rental merchandise; however, Gatzke Orchard does not assume liability of anything which could be damaged or misplaced in the normal course of business for any reason.  The use of confetti, smoke machines, rice, and or other celebratory confections causing excess and difficult garbage on the facility is prohibited. A cleaning fee will be charged to any client violating these terms. The cleaning fee is at the discretion of Gatzke Orchards and will be added [should it apply] to your incidentals at the end of your event.

Note: Those using Outside Vendor Rentals are required to engage both the Decor Set-up and Take-Down Teams.

Outside Vendor Management:

Note: No live candles on The Farm, at any time of year, in any location. Battery operated candles only regardless of type of holder or decor item.


Decor Set Up $180

Required for those using Outside Vendor Rental Items.

Recommended for parties over 90 Guests.

2 GO Staff for a minimum of 3 hrs. These Staffers are designated and separate from the Venue Set-Up Crew, already assigned.

What We Do: Preparation of The Bowery, installation of Chandeliers [if requested] Placement of tables and chairs [including those required for Buffet Food Service] Installation of drop linens, napkins, placement of cutlery, water glasses and wine glasses per seating arrangements. Receipt of, assuring count of and signing for [if Bridal Party is not in attendance] receipt of items. Placing large items, as per Bride’s Request.

What is not part of this Service: Placement of small décor items [ie: centerpieces, place card names, aisle markers at ceremony] *Speak with Concierge for add’l details.

What is the Venue Set-Up Crew

Venue Set-up Crew: These staff are assigned internally by GO, and are not a separate cost. They prepare the entire property as well as set out tables, chairs, ceremony items, Gaia [if reserved] garbage/recycling receptacles and make sure the washrooms are sparkling. You don’t notice them, since they start many hours before your arrival. They work til 1a.

After 1a, the Late Night Crew begins, if necessary [this would become part of your incidental charges]

DECOR TAKE-DOWN: The Night of Your Event

Removal is the responsibility of your Party, at the end of your event.

Should your party be unable to complete this task OR your plans change regarding removal of items, the following fees apply: $45 per hour per GO Staff person required [as determined by GO] All personal belongings are allowed storage in the Bowery and must be clear of the Venue by 11 AM. Storage of items beyond 11a the following day may incur a charge relative to the remedy. example: Decor may have needed to be packed up to clear Bowery and relocated for Bowery set up for next event.


Decor Take Down $180

Required for those using Outside Vendor Rental Items.

Recommended for parties over 90 Guests.

2 GO Staff for a minimum of 2 hrs. These Staffers are designated and separate from the Venue Take-Down Crew, already assigned.

Who may help us with other odd jobs that come up during the day?

Day of Services (misc labour requests) $30 /hr

When a helper is needed to assist with larger weddings.

Kicks in if Decor Set-Up extends beyond 3 hours.

2 GO Staff for a minimum of 2 hrs. These are Staffers separate from the Venue Set-up Crew, already assigned.

Late Night Clean up person $45/hr

Minimum 2 hrs

Remember when your Guests said they would love to help with the Take Down? Well…now they’re not as capable or enthusiastic. We made this for those situations!

And: this kicks in if the Decor Take-Down extends beyond 3 hours.

We pay our staff time and a half for a late night short shift starting at 1a until finished. This may be pre-arranged [if you know you won’t want to do the take-down]

This may also become part of your incidental charges if GO determines that the Venue has been left in an unsuitable condition for normal farm activities to commence at the start of business the next day.

*At the discretion of GO. Non-negotiable.

What are the Arbour Options?

Traditional: Handmade in Dark Brown.

Antiqued Doors x 2 : Solid Wood with Vintage Handles

Chuppah: Birch Logs rising from 4 corners and meeting an overhead frame. Exceptional for draping.

Yes: Floral Displays work on all of them.

Wine Barrels x 2

Apple Box Display

Combination of Above

Yes: Pics available upon request

What’s included with the Photo Booth & Tickle Trunk of Props?

Black Background with 3 hinged sections.

Set-up and Take Down included in Rental ~ placement at Bride’s request [suggestions: Ceremony, The Station, Bowery Lawn]

Unlimited visits to the Booth for Your Guests

Full Access to Tickle Trunk pre-loaded by GO ~ you are welcome to bring customized items as well.

Any tables [with tablecloths] required for this set-up are included in the rental price.

What’s included with the Photo Frame Wall?

Vintage Frames of various sizes, shapes and finishes. Placed at heights that work from the tallest to the smallest. We’ve inserted them into a backdrop so no need to try to balance your bevvie while holding up your half of the frame for a fab pic!

Does GO provide the photography services for The Photo Booth of Photo Frame Wall?

No, but thank you for asking!

You are welcome to arrange for the following:

Your Photographer: add’l hours to cover Photo Booth. Photographers generally have in their contracts with you, that they are the only official photographer on-site.

It’s important to let them do that magic thing with their hard earned skills and expensive equipment.

Your Friends & Family: snap happy on all of their devices

Is our Florist able to work on-site for set-up?

Yes. Please have your Florist bring all necessary tools and implements, including ladders for this process.

Can we arrange for cool storage of our flowers?

Must be pre-arranged and is available for day of celebration only.

Who does the Food and Beverage services?  

Gatzke Orchard offers full service buffet style catering for your event.  Our Menu prices include all items required for Food Service. White linens including cloth napkins, Plates, Flatware & Glassware for water.

  • NOTE:. GO Catering is neither an Egg-Free, Nut-Free [we use seeds rather than nuts] or Dairy-Free Facility. If your Menu requires either option, please contact Event Concierge.
  • GO Catering has plenty of experience with Vegan, Vegetarian and GF Menus. Please let us know if viewing these options will be helpful in planning your menu. Adjusted pricing may apply

Final numbers for Catering, must be provided 3 weeks prior to your Event.

Fewer people in actual attendance will not alter this final tally. Additional people in attendance will be charged a per person fee. Gatzke Orchards does not guarantee volumes for additional persons over 5% of final tally given 3 weeks prior to event.

Can we arrange for a Rehearsal?

Yes! It is recommended that your party experience a run-through with your Officiant. Generally these begin between 2 and 4p. Thursdays are our preferred date for Rehearsals, given other on-farm activities on Fridays.

Your Event Coordinator will be with you on-site to familiarize everyone with the process, and to note any changes to where you wish items to be placed or other spontaneous decisions. You will need to prep documents with your Officiant this day, as well as arrange for payment of the Day-Of balance for Your Celebration with Your Event Coordinator.

Other than Feel Good Fridays, can we arrange for a Rehearsal Dinner?

Yes, we would be honoured to host you in the Bowery, the evening before your Wedding. 5 hours of access to all areas which you will be using for your Celebration, are available to you. Please select this option is available on the RFC. Food & Beverage options are priced separately. This option is only available to those who are holding their Wedding at Gatzke Orchards.

What is Feel Good Friday [FGF] Anyway?

Gatzke Orchard hosts Forno Pizza and Live Music Events on The Farm! If you would like this to become part of your Rehearsal experience, please let us know the size of your group in advance, so we may reserve both a seating area and service time for you!

Note: No Cover Charge, Regular FGF Pricing in effect for Groups.

Outside Catering:

Gatzke Orchards does not permit outside catering [or for guests to bring their own food items] as a partial catering, including Family Provided or Outside Sourced food.


Rehearsal Event [available only when FGF not in progress]:

Criteria: You have reserved the Rehearsal Venue for 5 hours, on the night before your Celebration. Gatzke Orchard can provide, a BBQ, garbage’s, water, and tables however no kitchen/building access will be available.

The family must provide or rent all items required for service, including but not limited to flatware/dishware/glassware/service staff.

No additional Exceptions will be considered, including Family Provided or Outside Sourced Midnight Snack Options.

Are we able to bring our own Wedding Cake or Dessert?

Yes. You will be responsible for the setup of your dessert and any items required for the service of it. Sometimes this is actually ‘you’ and other times it a fabulous cake or cupcake maker ~ all good with us.

Forgetting a knife for cutting is common ~ just saying 🙂

Cool storage for these items must be prearranged with Event Coordinator, and is dependent on available space.

We will be happy to be provide the plates, cutlery and napkins. Options for packaging of remaindered dessert items are also available. Advance notice is required. Variable fees and service options re listed within the spreadsheet.

Note: Coffee & Tea Service is an option with Bride Supplied Desserts. Please select on your bridal spreadsheet, if applicable.

Who orders, purchases and gets the liquor supplies to GO?

That would be You!

Client Alcohol Management

Clients are required acquire a Special Occasions Licence available from BCLCB [available online:]  Clients are also required to secure a 2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy indemnifying Gatzkes for the event. These documents must be provided to the Event Coordinator 3 weeks prior to your event.

The Special Occasion Licence allow the controlled service of alcohol on the grassy area, station and ceremony area. It also allows for the wedding party to set the price of a drink (IE: toonie bar or free) Should you choose this option, payment by Visa/MC/debit will not be available at the bar. Cash only, or if requested, a ticket system can be used to provide free drinks to those the bride and groom choose. All associated costs including alcohol, wine, mix, garnishes, drink glasses, etc are the responsibility of the bridal party.

** Note: Gatzke Orchards requests that when possible, cans or plastic bottles be purchased for your beverages [ie: beer/cider/coolers/mix/other]

This reduces breakage & glass on the Farm, which is an avoidable hazard, for your Guests, and GO Staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

Gatzke Orchards Bartenders will provide a cash box and $200 cash float to be counted back from sales at last call. Late night access to the building will be restricted to GO staff.

We will work with you to help understand the number of hrs a bartender is needed and when a second bartender may be important to ensure a pleasant Client & Guest event. Our experience can assist your decision making.

Rental of Mason Jars is available. Each guest is assigned one, personalizes it, and uses it throughout the evening. Sharpies are at the Bar.

Can we bring in our wine and other beverages?

Yes, according to the rules as part of the special occasions licence.

For Your Convenience: Wedding Guide for purchasing the right volume of alcohol: By BC Liquor Stores

Note: GO does not purchase liquor on your behalf, nor is able to ‘top up’ the collection, should you be running low.

Note: GO would rather find people sleeping in their cars in the morning, than learn that someone did something stupid. For the sake of everyone, we trust you will support us in this. Thank you in advance.

For Your Convenience: Info provided by BC Liquor Stores website

Can I serve UBrew/UVin products or homemade beer or wine at my wedding, which I am holding under an SEP?Yes. UBrew, UVin and homemade products may be served (but not sold) at an event licensed under a family special event permit. A wedding meets the criteria for a family occasion.

Drop Off of Liquor

Cold storage at Gatzke Orchard is available in advance of your event by arrangement and during regular business hours. Requires confirmation of ETA notice [by text msg] to the Event Concierge

Last call = 30 Minutes before end of Venue Rental

Ie: Venue to 8a – Midnite: 1130pm

We expect it will take your Party a half-hour or so to get everyone on their way safely, and this is cool with us.

Thank you for understanding, and for helping us do our best to maintain ‘Good Neighbours’ relations within our Community.

Shuttle Services

We are happy to provide our list of Preferred Vendors for Shuttle Services. We encourage you to assure your guests both arrive and depart the property, safely and in good hands.

What is Corkage & How is it Calculated?

If you wish to have bottles opened and placed on the table by GO Staff, from which your guests may serve themselves during dinner or throughout the evening, a corkage fee of $3.00/bottle will be applied.

Generally, one red and one white is placed on each table. Therefore, once we finalize your seating plan, you can estimate how many bottles of each to purchase.

This exists due to the fact that wine at the bar can be managed by the bartenders…however to open and place a few cases of wine just before dinner when they are busiest, challenges our ability to ensure the wedding experience is as positive as possible.

Corkage Bottle count is added to the incidental list. We count the actual number of bottles we open and place, and do not automatically assume that the total number of bottles you brought, have been opened.

Note: Corkage applies to Wine or Champagne opened at The Station as well, if you choose to offer this option to Your Guests.

How Loud & How Long Can We Play the Music?

All event entertainment must operate in conjunction with DLC by-laws. Music must be turned down to reasonable levels at 11pm. Music shall be shut down by 1 AM; subject to change as per city by laws.

Definition of Reasonable: That which our workers, neighbors, city bylaws & police enforcement dictate.

Your DJ/Band must respect and act upon turning down the volume at 11p and shut down of sound at 1a.

The DJ/Band must check in with Event Coordinator on the day of your event. If Gatzke Orchard Sound System is rented by the client it will be set up before your event in one pre-determined location and taken down at the end of your event.

Note: GO will send your DJ/Band a copy of the DLC Sound Bylaws, 3 weeks in advance of Your Celebration, and confirm with them before the music starts, that all is clear and understood.

Note: Should sound levels not be respected, GO Senior Staff will intervene to assure that The Farm remains in compliance with DLC Bylaws. Should this become problematic or aggression arises from the DJ/Band or Guests, GO will intervene. Fees may apply.

Note: Extending the hours does not alter the time requirements of the By-law.

Note: Please assure, in your negotiations with your DJ/Band that they will be able to pack-up and depart in alignment with your end of event time [determined by Venue Rental] Overtime charges of $75 for each ½ hour beyond this may be added to the balance payment if necessary.

Low Mobility Guests

Your party is able to drive these Guests, directly to the Ceremony Site, return the vehicle to the parking lot, and come back for them again, should need be. Arranging for the safe escorting of those with low mobility, to sites being used for your event is important to us, as we want each of Your Guests to enjoy Your Celebration to the fullest.  On farm vehicles that may be used for transport, may only be operated by GO Staff. No Exceptions. Please note that this service is not guaranteed, and that requesting it in advance is suggested. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are adjacent to The Bowery and the Fruit Stand

Who takes care of garbage and recycling?

All garbage/recycling must be kept/collected into the appropriate bins by the end of your event, no exceptions. Gatzke Orchard will empty these bins throughout the night as needed and at the end of the night. A charge of $150.00 will be applied to those clients violating these terms, no exceptions.

Can we bring our Dog[s]?

We love dogs too, and have created a policy for time they may spend on The Farm. If this interests you, let us know and we will send along a copy of our Dog Policy.

Short Version: On leash and under full control of the owner[s]. No pets in food service, ceremony, dancing area or orchard/gardens.  Pet Fee if staying with you in a Cabin. Hot Dog left in a car? We’ll do what’s best for the Dog. Scoop the poop and deposit in designated receptacles.

The Day After

You must arrange for venue access the day after your event, by contacting the Event Concierge. All personal belongings must be clear of the Venue by 11 AM the day following your event.  A charge of $75.00/half hour the Venue is occupied after this time may be applied. Some restrictions may apply in consideration of other Gatzke Orchard Events.

PS: That is Your liquor safely stored by GO for the night. Sunday morning the remainder is yours to collect.

Can we come for a Tour before we Book?

Absolutely! Must be pre-arranged.

Please email

Availability: April through October

How do I book my Wedding?

We look forward to speaking with you!

To request the 2019 Bridal Request Form, which profiles options & pricing, including catering:

Wedding Quote Process

Your Bridal Request Form is a spreadsheet. Your 1st Estimate is prepared through the information exchanged between your party, and GO. Selections which you have determined, are listed in summary. The form is extensive, and it is likely that we will exchange more than a few messages. If you have a special request, for the Venue or Catering, please let us know right away. Together we will develop your 1st Estimate. Thank you in advance for your inquiry.

Total Package Value:

Is Determined by 1st or Final Estimate. You will receive Invoices by email for the Deposits made prior to your Wedding, paid by e-transfer, cheque or cash. [No c/c pymts possible] We don’t expect that there will no add’l changes and therefore we stay in touch, making small adjustments along the way and provide a Final Estimate 4 weeks in advance of your event. This becomes your Final Estimate. Your 2nd Deposit is defined and is due 3 weeks in advance of your event.

There are no fees for preparation of the 1st & 2nd if required, should they become your Final Estimate. If you choose major shifts that make it seem [to both of us] that we are pretty much starting from scratch] a charge of $100 per each additional estimate will apply.

Final Head Count adjustments are due 3 weeks in advance of your Wedding, and are not considered a Quote Change.


Outstanding balance is presented the day before, generally at the end of your rehearsal. We take a pre-authorized cc form for this, with the 10% balance due inserted before your signature, and run this amount the morning after your event. Payment is required before leaving the property. Approved Credit Cards are accepted for payment of the Final Balance.


Additions, changes or incidentals resulting from the day will be recorded throughout the event and shortly after [we can’t tell if there are wine stains on the tablecloths until we clear them away :)]

This list will be presented as a summary, and form your Incidental Balance Due. It is your option to clear this on-site by debit [day following event only] or to authorize the Concierge to clear it on the cc you provided for the final balance. This will be done immediately after receiving your authorization to do so.

In all circumstances, you will receive a receipt showing all balances cleared.

Payment Schedule:

To Secure Wedding  Date: 50% Deposit of Total Package Value

3 weeks prior to Wedding Date: 40% of Total Package Value

Balance of 10%:  Wedding Day

Changes and Incidentals: Day after


If your Wedding is canceled, by the Bridal Party, fees will apply, based on the significant dates listed below:

Before Dec 31.18 Admin Fee $1000

Between Jan 01.19 & 6 weeks before your Wedding: Admin Fee: $1500

Less than 6 weeks before your Wedding: Fee $2500

The remaining balance [if applicable] will be refunded to you by cheque. Confirmation of acceptance by e-mail for this refund, is required, before the refund will be issued.

Long Weekends

We appreciate the desirability of these dates, however due to other on-farm activities, Gatzke Orchards is unable to host Weddings on Long Weekends.

Please consult the ‘Available Date’ list that will be attached to our first email exchange. This list also includes n/a dates, due to other on-farm activities.

Also please note the minimum & maximum number of guests, by date.

These fluctuations are due to the number of staff on the farm at different times in the season, as well as how busy the Orchard is!

Thank you for understanding.

Terms and Conditions

Gatzke Orchards assumes no responsibility for any individual property damage or bodily injuries sustained while on our Property, or through use of our facilities or amenities. Immediate notification must be given to Gatzke Staff should any incidents occur. Gatzke Orchard does not assume liability of outside vendor rental merchandise or items which could be damaged or misplaced in the normal course of business for any reason.  The use of live candles, confetti, smoke machines, rice, and or other celebratory confections causing excess and difficult garbage on the facility is prohibited. A cleaning fee will be charged to any client violating these terms. The cleaning fee is at the discretion of Gatzke Orchards and will be added [should it apply] to your incidentals at the end of your event.

Note: It is the responsibility of the Bridal Party to ensure that their outside vendor rental package covers any insurance requirements for transport, damage or breakage.

Candle wax, burns stains or other damage to Gatzke property shall be the responsibility of the Wedding Party and may incur costs added to the invoice as an incidental expense.

All Policies and FAQ as stated above are subject to change at the discretion of Gatzke Orchard.